Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis (700ml)


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Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis (700ml)

$49.99 Bottle
  • ABV 20%

Cassis is the French word for blackcurrant. The blackcurrant itself is of Nordic origin. It was only towards the beginning of the eighteenth century that Europe embraced it, both as a garden plant and for its medicinal qualities which earnt it the description of “elixir de vie.” However, as far back as the sixteenth century monks from the famous Dijon region of France are recorded to have been growing blackcurrant bushes. The drink they made from it was offered as a universal cure-all for everything from snake bite to depression. While this is clearly fallacious, it is common knowledge that black currants are rich in vitamin C and the liqueurs made from them are enjoyable and healthy digestifs. It is most commonly produced by macerating the berries in grape brandy.

Today Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, remains famous for its black currant liqueurs. One of the towns greatest exponents of the style is Gabriel Boudier. Gabriel Boudier is presently managed by his three sons Jean, François and Yves. Quality, tradition and innovation are the three key words behind the success of the company. Their demand for perfection is upheld by state of the art research, efficient partnerships with a selection of top local Dijon fruit suppliers and meticulous quality control. Their entire range of fruit liqueurs are sold on all five continents in over 60 countries and have made the Dijon district of Burgundy famous around the world. In every genre, from their classic blackcurrant liqueur, through to their fruit brandies and chocolate specialities, Gabriel Boudier’s products are of uncompromising quality.

Boudier's all natural Cassis liqueur gets its exceptional taste and intense colour from the very best varieties of blackcurrant berries. The incomparable aromatic density comes from the high fruit content.

Other reviews... Opaque, purple/black color. Gloriously sublime bittersweet opening aroma is all-cassis-all-the-time and wonderfully brambly and leafy and viny and viscous and…utterly beguiling; aroma is so firmly entrenched in concentrated juiciness that even seven more minutes of aeration don’t subvert or alter the path of its mission. Entry is intensely sweet, black curranty and creamy, but also deeply brambly/viny. Delicious, all the way. Think Kir Royales. Highly Recommended. - www.spiritjournal.comsize>

Enjoy this Creme de Cassis in any of the following ways:As a liqueur, plain on the rocks. As a refreshing drink with still or sparkling water. As a long drink with dry white wine, Champagne or Beaujolais. (1/5 Cassis and 4/5 wine.) On ice cream: vanilla, tutti-frutti, topped with cassis. Poire dijonaise: poach the pears in sugar and water syrup, arrange them in a bowl. Pour the remaining syrup over the pears. Cover with Cassis liqueur and decorate with grilled almonds. color>Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis is best enjoyed within a year after opening and will preserve its aroma and taste better if refrigerated. 20% Alc./Vol.