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Coonawarra & Balnaves
Coonawarra is a unique stretch of terrior located in South Australia, famed for its "terra rossa" soils which produce Bordeaux-like reds. An analysis of the region is followed by an in depth tour of one of the districts premium producers - Balnaves. The Balanves family vineyard site, viticultural practises, wines and recent awards are all profiled.
Organic Winemaking at Temple Bruer
Amongst the inspiring leaders of the organic wine revolution are David & Barbara Bruer of Temple Bruer winery at Langhorne Creek. They maintain that responsible winegrowers should also minimise chemical inputs into the environment and have developed some highly innovative practises to ensure just that. A fascinating tour into the future of winemaking.
McLaren Vale
McLaren Vale is fast becoming one of Australia's super-premium wine producing regions. Wineries visited on this tour include Coriole, d'Arenberg, Dowie Doole, Edwards & Chaffey, Hamilton, BRL Hardy, Haselgrove, Ingoldby, Kangarilla Road, III Associates, Pirramimma, Scarpantoni, Tatachilla, Wirra Wirra, and Woodstock.
Tasmania - A New State of Wine
"Complexity, simplicity, wild landscapes and sophistication - yet remarkably unspoilt. This is the impression that I came away with from a recent wine trip to Tasmania." Nick Chlebnikowski tours the Tasmanian Wine regions. Pipers Brook is profiled as a case study with some special comments from Andrew Pirie, a pioneer of Tasmanian Wine.
Domaine Chandon
Domaine Chandon Australia was established in 1985 as part of Moet & Chandon's expansion into the global sparkling wine market. The winery is a must to visit when touring the Yarra Valley.
Brian Croser is one of the smartest people in the Australian Wine Industry - he's a professional wine maker, a technocrat in the laboratory, executive of a public company, a politician and a thinker.
Sevenhill Cellars
Sevenhill Cellars was established in 1851 by the Society of Jesus, a Catholic religious order known as Jesuits. The Brothers produce a wide variety of wine styles and the winery is notable for its historic buildings.
Salitage is a premium wine producer located in the beautiful and spectacular viticultural region of Pemberton, in the south west of Western Australia.