Glenallachie Virgin Cask Series Advance Shipment

Serge Valentin is one of the most prolific spirits tasters on the planet and the man every aspiring whisky blogger wants to emulate. His popular and free website, offers independent reviews with a focus on whisky. Serge recently clocked up his 16,000th tasting. Admittedly, he started early, but with credentials like that, his opinions are worth noting. While Serge has not been effusive about all of Glenallachie’s recent bottlings, the Virgin Oak Series stood out as "Awesome compositions". You can read his full reviews below. If you're not familiar with Serge's style, keep in mind that he tends to rate slightly lower than others. In his words, “An 80 in my book is a good score, at Robert Parker’s it’s a slaughter”. While it's comparing apples with oranges, you get the picture. In our experience, Serge's 85 points equates to low 90s in most people's books. This special advance shipment includes Glenallachie's finishes in Chinquapin, Spanish and French oak. There's also more of the delicious 11 Year Old Port Wood.
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