Price Drops on Whistle Pig Ryes

Dave Pickerell, a longtime distiller who helped grow Maker’s Mark and later went on to influence the burgeoning craft whiskey market, passed away suddenly on November 1, 2018. For Whistle Pig, it marked the departure of their Master Distiller. Pickerel was a huge advocate for rye, and before he died he bequethed his role to a young protégé, Pete Lynch. “Dave truly helped me solidify my palate and understanding of rye whiskey,” comments Lynch. “He would constantly say, ‘You know what I like best about you? We’ve got the same palate. I know the whiskey is in good hands because when you taste it’s just as if I’m tasting it." Whistle Pig is clearly moving ahead - as these three fabulous ryes attest. A new shipment sees the range re-positioned at more accessible prices than ever before. Take advantage!
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