2015 Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Colleccion

We have available two direct imports of the most highly regarded tequila from the Cuervo stable. The tequila itself which has been described as "rich and brandy-like" doesn't change much from year to year. And just as consistency has become its hallmark, so too has been its high praise. What does change annually is the packaging. In 2015, it seems Mendez Blake has designed several versions, of which the "Agave Vegetation Scene" is one. The other design depicts a 'Rocky Terrain'. Very collectable, with investment upside, we have both limited editions on offer at sensational direct import prices. Normally expect to pay $250+ in Australia - if you can find them.
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2015 Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Colleccion Extra Anejo 100% Agave Tequila (750ml) - Rocky Terrain Box Design
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$175.00 Bottle
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Other reviews... [2002 release tasted] First nosing passes pick up incredibly zesty and harmonious aromas of dill, fennel and pepper; another seven minutes sees the bouquet turn elegant, oaky and herbal. Palate entry is semisweet, with deft traces of caramel and vanilla; by midpalate the flavors include marzipan, hard candy, dried herbs, green pepper and vanilla. Finish is long, luxurious and stately. 98 points - www.wineenthusiast.com