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South Korea Freight Rates

Via Postal Service (Allow 7-10 days for delivery)

1 bottle - A$55.00
2 bottles - A$80.00 (A$40.00 per bottle)
3 bottles - A$100.00 (A$33.33 per bottle)
4 bottles - A$125.00 (A$31.25 per bottle)
5 bottles - A$145.00 (A$29.00 per bottle)
6 bottles - A$160.00 (A$26.67 per bottle)
7 bottles - A$180.00 (A$25.71 per bottle)
8 bottles - A$200.00 (A$25.00 per bottle)
9 bottles - A$215.00 (A$23.89 per bottle)
10 bottles - A$225.00 (A$22.50 per bottle)
11 bottles - A$235.00 (A$21.36 per bottle)
1 case - A$245.00 (A$20.42 per bottle)
2 cases - A$490.00 (A$20.42 per bottle)


We strongly suggest that you check with local authorities with regard to any restrictions, prohibitions, duties and taxes that might be payable, and licenses that might be required before placing any order, even for purchases sent as gifts. Should the goods be confiscated, refused, destroyed or the like, Nicks Wine Merchants will not be liable in anyway. Nicks Wine Merchants responsibility will end once the shipment leaves Australia. Nearly every country in the world will levy duties / taxes on the importation of alcoholic beverages. These import duties are an additional charge to freight and the cost of any product ordered and are beyond the control of Nicks Wine Merchants.

Insurance is available on all International deliveries at A$20.00 per shipment or at the rate of 1% of the value of your order, whichever is greater. For example if your order comes to a total of A$1000.00 then the insurance charge will be A$20.00. Or if your order comes to a total of A$3000.00 then the insurance charge will be A$30.00. Insurance is optional.

One case is equivalent to 12 x 750ml bottles.

An Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST) and Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) refund/discount is available on most wines exported. These amounts combined will be approximately equivalent to 20% in value of any wine ordered. The GST will be automatically deducted from your order whilst the WET component will be manually refunded to your account shortly afterwards. The WET refund will not be available on most older vintage wines and some smaller vineyards, however, the GST discount/refund will be available on all wines.

An Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST) refund/discount is available on all spirits exported.

All shipments are packed in Expandable Polystyrene. These specially designed shippers prevent label scuff, fully cushion and completely surround the bottles and provide an outstanding insulating effect greatly reducing any chance of baked wines. Freight rates are subject to change without notice. All prices quoted are in Australian dollars. Temporary or short term storage facilities can be arranged. For further information please contact Simon Chlebnikowski on telephone 61 3 9848 4460 or email