The Lost Distillery Company Stratheden Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Kilmarnock, SCOTLAND
$165. 00 Bottle
$1980.00 Dozen
ABV: 46%
The Lost Distillery Co. is managed by a group of self styled "Whisky Archivists" and Whisky Makers, the brainchild of Scott Watson and Brian Woods, both of whom previously worked at Diageo and became intrigued by the near 100 distilleries that have disappeared in the last century. Using all the available historical evidence, together with a panel of 'noses', they attempt to bring to life whiskies lost to the ravages of time and fate. It's a project that's had precedents, such as Macallan's "Replica" bottlings that were on the market in the 1990's (only in that instance they actually had preserved samples to work from). The Lost Distillery Company takes a more imaginative approach. In order to recreate their historical interpretations, they compose a blend of single malts from different distilleries and with different flavour profiles, tweaking the composition to sit easily with both the evidence of the archivist and the interpretation of the whisky makers. This process takes considerable time and experience but only when everyone is comfortable with the result does the whisky receive The Lost Distillery Company seal of approval. It's a great story, but the quality of the whiskies they produce are what matters in the end - happily, what we've tasted so far is first rate.

Stratheden distillery was situated in the centre of the old market town of Auchtermuchty in Fife. The earliest records of legal distillation indicate it was founded in 1829, although there is anecdotal evidence of the prior use of illegal stills in the area. The distillery was unusual in that it only ever had one owner – three successive generations of the Bonthrone family. The Bonthrone’s hailed from the area and according to whisky writer, Brian Townsend, were a “…true malting, brewing and distilling dynasty.” Ancestors of the family were brewers in nearby Falkland in the 1600’s. They also had local interests in baking and milling.

The challenges of the early 20th Century proved to be too much for Stratheden. Demand was so poor that it did not re-commence production until 1922. Successive duty increases, set alongside distilling costs that were higher than those of modern distilleries meant that margins were eroded to the point where there was little will in continuing. The final blow was the loss of its major export market, as the United States embarked on a decade of Prohibition from 1920. The distillery ceased production in late 1924, and closed for good in 1926. The maltings remained in use until the 1970’s. The bonded warehouses were bought by Arthur Bell in 1931 and remained in use with United Distillers until 1989. The warehouse doors can still be seen to this day and clearly mark that it was a bonded warehouse. The colour chosen for the Lost Distillery Co. label for Stratheden matches the colours of those warehouse doors as they are today.

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