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Applewood Distillery Okar Island Bitters (750ml)

Adelaide Hills, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
$52. 99
$635.88 Dozen
ABV: 24%
After a process of refinement following feedback from fans of Applewood's early efforts, Island Bitters now replaces the original “Okar”, "Red Okar" and Amaro in the distillery's line up. Described as “a supreme example of the potential of native Australian Riberries, Native Currants, Blood Limes and Saltbush." Works beautifully in an "Aussie Negroni" or even as a novel twist on an Americano.

2017 Batch tasted... Deep cherry red with garnet / crimson edges. Powerful, fresh bitter-herbal bouquet evokes semi-ripe blackberries, mint, thyme and citrus peel with later passes accenting blackcurrant and lime juice. Drinks as a silky, medium bodied amaro with attractive fruitiness countered by a surge of bay leaf, peppermint, citrus peel and delicately bitter, drying, herbal tea-like notes at the finish. Complex and refreshing.