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The Glassmakers: Earth, Wine & Fire
This short introduction to glassmaking outlines the history of glass vessels and the modern day manufacture of the wine glass, with comments from Gerald Orehounig-the Technical Manager for Riedel Glas in Kufstein.
Commoditisation of wine - The Super Market Putsch
In the last decade, the duopoly of major supermarket chains in conjunction with immense multinational wine companies have moved towards the commoditisation of wine - the aim being to make wine into another bottom line profit driven FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good.) In this article, wine industry veteran, Karen Goldspink, delivers a learned yet alarming view of the Australian Wine Industry's future ,should current market trends continue.
Brave New World of Wine
Aging is the name of the game when it comes to fine wine. Top producers mature their brews in oak barrels; connoisseurs will keep a bottle in the cellar for years so they can savor the complex bouquet at its peak. Is electrolysis the answer to rapid maturation? Read on to discover new technologies from Japan.
Corks Under More Pressure
Corked bottles of wine occurred in between 3-10% of all wine bottles (depending on who you believe). The culprit has been a compound known as TCA (Trichloranisole), sparking a revolution in the manufacture of a new generation of wine closures. This article outlines the success and potential new developments wine lovers can come to expect in their bottles of wine in the future.
Walter James Winegrowers Diaries
A truly individual character! Described as one of Australia's great wine writers, and possibly the country's best. His knowledge and love of wine is self evident from reading his books, which would cause a minor stir in today's extremely politically correct society. The diaries presented here are long out of print and now considered collectors pieces amongst wine enthusiasts.
Gourmet Cooking & Wine
Gail Thomas, one of the most creative and innovative chefs and food writers in Australia presents well developed Australian recipes which Vintage Direct matches with appropriate wines. This is an important first for wine and food lovers as the matching process will greatly assist with your next dinner party.
Penfolds Grange 50th Anniversary Dinner
2001 marked the 50th Anniversary of Penfolds Grange, and as luck would have it, an invitation came to attend the Dinner to be held at Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant in Magill, South Australia on November 26. Needless to say, invitations were as scarce as early bottles of Grange...
The Best Shiraz in the World?
Elderton Command Shiraz is not just a great wine, it's the principle behind the production of Command Shiraz that has gained the wine it's status as one of Australia's leading Shiraz wines. Influential U.S. wine critic Robert Parker ranked the 1992 Command as one of the worlds top 80 wines. Meanwhile, the 1996 Elderton Command has been voted the Worlds Best Shiraz. Find out why...
Wine Women & Song
Wine Wo(Men) & Song is dedicated to Ladies and Gentlemen for the enjoyment of the really great things of life, music, art, literature, wine and friendship. Its method is synaesthesia, where the customary boundaries between the senses begin to break down - sight mingling with sound, taste with touch, smell with colour...Enjoy the experience!
Temperance or Indulgence?
Dr Alexander Marr explains the artistic and symbolic role of wine for the 17th-century Dutch masters and examines their dilemma over whether to portray it as a well-earned luxury or potentially ruinous substance.
Vincent van Gogh's - The Red Vineyard
Vincent van Gogh painted three vineyards during his artistic career. Stuart George explores the literal and symbolic significance of The Red Vineyard, the only painting sold during the artist's lifetime and one that reflects both his inner turmoil and the difficulties that plagued the vignerons of Provence at the end of the 19th Century.
Marketing Alcohol in the 21st Century
The use of sexual symbols in modern advertising seems particularly prevalent within the alcohol industry. This collection of contemporary print media images, apart from its amusement value, is also a context for discussion, comment and criticism of alcohol marketing towards youth. It will be added to as new material becomes available.
Wine Nostalgia
We take a look at the ever-changing Australian wine scene through the medium of advertising and wine posters. Australia certainly has come a long way. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!
Marananga Cottages
Marananga Cottages, from the road looks very much like any other of the Barossa Valleys Bed & Breakfast places, which ooze with charm and project a feeling of country hospitality. However, Marananga Cottages is very different...
Hawley House
Fancy a bath on the roof ? Hawley House is situated on the North Coast of Tasmania, about 20 minutes from Devonport, and must be considered to be one of Tasmania's best (and most unusual) small hotels. Your host is the rather eccentric Simon Houghton...
The Medieval Christmas Feast
This article came our way in an old English magazine - and is worthy of attention, in that it provides a great insight as to how Christmas Festivities were managed in the past. The Knights of the Round Table certainly knew how to entertain!