Grand Marnier Quintessence Liqueur (700ml)


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Nick's Import

Grand Marnier Quintessence Liqueur (700ml)

$1,399.00 Bottle
  • ABV 40%

Created using 82% Cognac from some of the world's most exceptional reserves aged between 25 and 135 years (1875, 1906 and 1955 included). Compare this with luxury Cognac prices and you have a relative bargain.

If you've tried trying Grand Marnier’s flagship cuvees, “Centenaire” and “Speciale du Cent Cinquantenaire" and thought that liqueurs couldn’t get any better, Quintessence has hit the world luxury market and is set to thrill. A stunning composition of 82% Cognac and 18% orange liqueur, Master distiller, Patrick Raguenaud employs some of the most exceptional reserves of eaux-de-vie in the world (1875, 1906 and 1955 included), aged between 25 and 135 years old. The extraordinary composition means relatively few bottles have been produced, so once it's gone, it's gone.

This from Forbes magazine: "For fans of Grand Marnier, taking that very first sip of Quintessence is akin to scratching a winning number on a lottery ticket. And winning the lottery might come in handy, too... Blending is the key to these special expressions, and in this case, master distiller Partick Raguenaud and his team just flat-out nailed out. A prodigious accomplishment considering Quintessence comprises numerous cognacs ranging from 25 to 100+ years old. Like the people who produce them, the older cognacs get the more fragile they become. Mishandle them during blending, and the whole enterprise goes down the drain. These were not mishandled."

Drinks writer, Dan Dunn, from the “The Imbiber” is enthusiastic to say the least. “There's some 1906 in the Quintessence blend. And a little 1955 for good measure…The signature Grand Marnier orange flavor is there, of course, only more refined thanks to something they refer to as "double parfum" - orange peels are macerated with the perfume of the first distillation. Then comes another distillation. Cuz two is always better than one, right? It's just everything a sentient human being could possibly want from Grand Marnier... or any cognac for that matter. It's delicate. Fresh. Powerful. Just absolutely delicious. I would drink this with my last meal on Death Row (and if the IRS ever catches up with me, that fate is a distinct possibility)."

Other reviews... Beautiful copper/burnished orange colour; flawless purity. The mesmerizing, integrated and orange zest-like aroma of wood, orange peel and brandy imparts a superb lasting impression right out of the gate; the aura of orange zest remains potent even after eight minutes of further air contact, but what emerges more with time is the cognac aspect. Wow! Entry is deeply orangy and delicately bittersweet, with elegant supporting flavours of cognac and vanilla; midpalate is laced with dynamic flavours of bitter orange peel, candied orange and tangerine. Aftertaste is marginally sweeter than the mid palate but is still zesty and tangy to the max. Sensational in scope and concentrated in flavour. Destined to be a pricey 5 star classic from day one.
Highest Recommendation. F.Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal 2011 Very limited.

Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016