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Matsui Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Matsui Shuzo, owner of the Kurayoshi whisky brand was established as a schochu distiller in Tottori, Japan back in 1910. Since then, the company has also been sourcing and selling imported age statement malts, but only started to distill whisky in 2017. The Matsui label is their first actual 100% 'Made in Japan' offering. There are three NAS whiskies in the new Matsui line up: Mizunara Cask, Peated and Sakura Cask of which we have managed to secure two and in small quantities only for their first release into the Australian market.

Jim Murray awarded the Mizunara Cask as Japanese Single Malt of the Year in his 2020 Bible and the praise continued for the Sakura Cask in the following edition. As we may / may not be able to secure the Matsui whiskies again at the current pricing please respect the one bottle per customer limit on each release so that as many as possible have a chance to enjoy these.