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Filey Bay Yorkshire Single Malt

The Spirit of Yorkshire distillery has been in operation since May 2016 and is a first for the district. The team has already received rave reviews for multiple expressions, in particular its first and second releases, now superseded by the ‘Flagship’. Rated 95 and 93 points respectively, Jim Murray commented of the inaugural bottling, “I have to say that the first thing that flashed through my mind on tasting my first mouthful was: Glenfiddich!… I’m talking about the classic non-age statement version, for years its trademark brand, that was sadly lost a great many years ago to make way for the 12 year old. When you taste this, you’ll see why. It is the sheer elan, the fabulous brightness of the whisky that both wins your heart and takes you back the best part of a couple of decades, youthful, fun and stunningly well made…” Expect something similar in this latest batch. Also on offer is a Moscatel finish, rare for whisky maturation (94.5 points) and an STR matured malt bearing the influence of industry legend, Dr Jim Swan (he helped with the Filey Bay startup a year before he died. It partly explains why these whiskies are so good.). Unfortunately this shipment was too small to permit us opening any of them to taste. Be the first!