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Cotswolds Award Winning Cask Strength Releases

There aren’t many distilleries that could claim more auspicious beginnings than Cotswolds. Taking inspiration from Bruichladdich, this 'terroir focused' venture is a tick list for quality and attention to detail: 100% locally grown floor-malted barley, long fermentations, unusual yeast strains, innovative distillation cuts and bourbon and shave-toast-rechar red wine casks indicate a producer at the high end of the passion scale. In an effort to improve transparency, the barley variety and farm it was grown are also listed on each bottle. Commencing production in 2014, the use of ‘STR' casks has been key to early success. These vessels were designed by the late whisky consultant, Dr. Jim Swan. Readers might be familiar with his involvement with other ‘new world’ ventures, bringing quick recognition to brands such as Kavalan and Amrut. This offer includes a relatively small allocation of Cotswold’s two highly acclaimed cask strength releases, as well as their core 46% bottling.