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New 1 Litre Travel Retail Glenmorangies

Glenmorangie’s new ‘permanent’ range for Travel Retail was officially launched in late 2020 and offers some of the more intriguing 'Morangies in recent times. We’ve gained access to all three age-statements at very reasonable prices. As usual, value is key. All arrive in one litre formats, bottled at 43%. The theme for the series is "Techniques of whisky making". So, for the Accord, inspiration is drawn from the art of marrying casks. For the Elementa, the accent is on the distillery's pioneering use of wood finishing. And for the Tribute, the focus is on the use of peat, as it's within Glenmorangie’s heritage. Tastewise, if you enjoy the distillery’s ‘Original', the 12YO Accord and 14YO Elementa (without the smokiness of The Tribute) are the next steps up. The prices are sharp, but may / may not hold in future shipments. Stock up for winter now!