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Claxton's Warehouse Special Releases No's 1 & 8

One of the most impressive independent whisky collections we’ve tasted in years, Claxton's new flagship range offers sherry galore with some incredibly deeply coloured malts at prices that will surprise you. Two labels make up this shipment: the Warehouse No.1 range presents top tier bottlings from Claxton’s stone dunnage warehouse. The Warehouse No.8 label (so named because it contains predominantly octaves and smaller casks types) covers exceptionally small outturns, often in the range of just 60-70 bottles. Says Company Director, Tom Roskram, “I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but we feel this is genuinely one of our best ever releases. Perhaps a confident statement given the reputation for quality we have developed over the years but we have worked really hard to deliver this release to the highest standard... We have an absolutely spectacular range of casks here with peated Caol Ila, Ardmore, Inchfad and unpeated whiskies such as Glen Elgin and my personal favourite distillery, Longmorn." Of particular interest to collectors will be a 33 year old Glenrothes and a 26 year old Tobermory. It's a great opportunity to experience drams which very few, if any, independent bottlers are putting out into the market. Direct from cask to bottle, all are cask strength, non-chill filtered and with zero additives. Many are limited to just six bottles.