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Discontinued Glen Garioch's PLUS More

After closing for two years in the mid-1990s, Glen Garioch reopened in 1997, switching from using its own peated, floor-malted barley to commercial unpeated malt. Doing so it maintained many of the best characteristics of the pre 1995 output, including rich cereal notes, a full, brawny mouthfeel, bolstered by a decent amount of spice. The new approach sees the entire range bottled at a surprisingly high 48% ABV (or cask strength) and even the entry level whiskies come non-chill filtered. Those who have kept Glen Garioch as their own little secret know the quality is already very good, but it's set to get even better. With a nod to the old ways, they're reintroducing floor maltings, installing direct-fired heating on the wash still, and increasing fermentation times. These developments will see Glen Garioch join the ranks of a small band of revered traditionalists, like Balvenie, Highland Park and Springbank.