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Balcones Below Cost Importer Clearance

A freak opportunity that will not be repeated: Not one, but three single barrels from one of the masters of big whiskey in the USA - selling for a song. Rooted in Texas climate and charisma, Balcone's malts are bold, full of personality and rich in wood extracted spices. They can be difficult, even intimidating whiskeys to navigate, not just because of their sheer intensity, but because they require patience to blow off the oak and cut through to the layered complexity they routinely offer.  With a choice of American, French and European oak expressions, you have a chance to compare the different wood influences and experiment with water. At 30% off the regular retail prices, it's a case of buy two and the third one is pretty much free, so take advantage. All three single casks are bottled at a uniform 53% and come non chill filtered.