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The Colours of Rum - Part 1

Wealth Solutions are better known in Europe as bottlers of some of world's greatest spirits, including stunning investment oriented whiskies like 1940s Glen Grants and old Karuizawas. They’ve now introduced a new collection called The Colours of Rum. With a multi-hued minimalist presentation mostly based on country flags, these rums are released in batches -  all kinds of distilleries at once, usually at significant age statements. Coinciding with an increasingly critical recognition of the rum category, the collection is attracting enthusiasts who otherwise devoted their attention to high-end single malts. Every bottle comes from a single cask, at cask strength with no sweeteners or other additives. Maturation may take place in the Caribbean or in Europe or both.

We're kicking off with twelve beauties from Jamaica, an island that has several seats at the head of the table when it comes to true rum exotica. Sometimes difficult to describe, their aromas and flavours can evoke an almost visceral response: Rotting bananas, overripe tropical fruits and industrial or petroleum-like notes, often referred to as 'hogo' or 'funk' mean that they're polarising, but for those who are “down with the funk,” it simply doesn't get better. The more extreme examples contain elevated levels of organic compounds - esters and higher alcohols - supercharged in long fermentations by wild yeasts and dunder (residue from previous runs). We colloquially call them high ester rums. Because they're so powerful and mostly reserved for blending, you could think of them as the single malts of the Caribbean. Today, just six distilleries make various styles, some owned by large companies, some are smaller independent operations. When bottled all-natural, they offer some of the most exciting rums on the planet.