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Superb Grower Champagnes including last stocks of 2008 Hugues Godme Grand Cru Champagne

We are all familiar with the likes of Laurent-Perrier, Moet et Chandon and Veuve Clicquot, but now there is a whole new crop of young, exciting and talented Champagne producers emerging who are affectionately known as Grower Champagnes. This grower movement is fast on the rise in Australia and if you haven’t yet been acquainted, now is the perfect time to get familiar with small, artisanal and unique producers who are making fantastic quality Champagne that's not a part of a mass global corporation.

The larger Champagne houses source their grapes from many different growers and locations around the region and produce a style that is consistent all over the world, but grower Champagnes provide us with a wide range of styles to suit a range of budgets. They also tend to be more terroir-focused and are traditionally family-owned operations who produce wine only from vineyards they own. Some growers will craft their wines to reflect the terroir of their respective villages, especially more-so if they actually own vineyards in one of Champagne's Grand Crus!

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