Bordeaux 2010 En Primeurs

Once again Bordeaux has been blessed with an exceptional vintage.  After a 2009 that gave elegant , delicious and complex wines with real immediate appeal, 2010 seems to have produced, in a return to Great classical Bordeaux, wines that will benefit from long term cellaring. Here are a few points to help understand why 2010 should grab the attention of investors and epicureans alike.

A cold winter period and cool spring delayed bud burst, naturally lowered yields and increased concentration. Crops were clean, with the spring rains not heavy enough to increase disease pressure. Summer began with dry days with cool nights, and helped build on healthy fruit post veraison. Vines were under constant but moderate hydric stress, with all months from December to August in rain deficit, ideal for the concentration of flavours.

By the end of July drought conditions had set in, extending the ripening period for the slower maturing reds and concentrating the dry whites (harvested early, around the second week of September). This long maturation period carried on during Autumn, the final touch being mild, sunny, September and October days. With the sun less intense than 2009, acidity was not completely "burnt off" and winemakers found themselves blessed with optimum ripeness, good acids, small berries and exceptional phenolic richness extending to fully ripened seeds.

In the cellars careful ferment management to extract these riches will prove the hallmark of the 2010 classics. Most areas once again reached high levels of sugars by Bordeaux standards, with skill required to achieve complete dryness and avoid over extraction during the resulting long fermentation periods.

There is no doubt in our opinion that the Primeurs tasting of many of these wines has taken place comparatively early in the malo-lactic process. The higher levels of alcohol, when coupled with the high levels of acidity of the vintage and a brutally cold winter, become seriously limiting factors for malo-lactic fermentation - which for many, has been late to begin and slower to progress. This is a vintage that bears all the characteristics of a "great stayer", with these styles rarely showing much so early on in their life. It might be easy to overlook some real gems in the making if one is shopping strictly for 95+ point wines.

Overall 2010 is a year in which buyers should favour wines made primarily with the later ripening varietals, (think Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot), that should attain great levels of complexity with time. However, there are indicators for stunning Merlot based wines from the Right Bank that should provide for some shorter stays in the cellar -think ten rather than twenty years...

The strong Aussie Dollar should help investors and drinkers alike. However, there will be even stronger competition than last year at the higher end of the market.  China is now a strong player on the primeurs market and this year saw the return of American money, as well as a strong English and Russian contingent to drive prices in the top tiers. The obvious solution is to get in early when it comes to the Grands Noms of Bordeaux.

Allocations of these sought after wines will sell fast this year, unlike the situation encountered with 1989 and 1990, markets are now  ready to recognise and accept that two consecutive vintages can be outstanding in their own rights . With that in mind, It is always a good idea to secure wines early as you are more likely to lock in the best pricing on a great vintage and will also get complete control of the cellaring throughout the life of the wines.

The Team,Nicks Wine Merchants.

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